Sunday, September 7, 2008

Test your knowledge of fashion

Test your knowledge of fashion
FLUX September 2008/9/4

1.What is haute couture?
a)The French word for women’s fashion
b)a production system for unique tailor-made clothing
c)a production system in which outfits from collections are customized to individual customers

2.Who is widely acknowledged to have introduced the catwalk?
a)Charles Frederick Worth
b)Paul Poiret
c)Elsa Schiaparelli

3.The fashion creator who invented the New Look was
a)Tom Ford
b)Coco Chanel
c)Christian Dior

4.Who invented prêt-a porter?
a)Pierre Cardin
b)Yves Saint Laurent
c)Rudi Gernreich

5.What is the Veblen effect?
a)economists’ name for the phenomenon that diamond for a good increases when the price goes up
b)conomists’ name for the concentration of luxury production in geographical clusters
c)conspicuous consumption

6.Historians and anthropologists agree that the original function of clothing was
a)to keep warm
b)to decorate the body
c)to attract the opposite sex

7.What boutique launched fast fashion?
c)Fiorucci fashion shop

8.The largest European fashion retailer is
c)Vero Moda

9.Which is the biggest Danish fashion company?
a)Munthe plus Simonsen
c)IC Companys

10.When was the first fashion week for women’s wear in Copenhagen?

11.Which Minister can be spotted at most fashion shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week?
a)The Minister of Culture
b)The Minister of Economic and Business Affairs
c)The Minister of Justice

12.How big was the Danish export of clothing in 2006?
a)17.2 billion kroner
b)18.8 billion kroner
c)25.7 billion kroner

13.Danish Fashion Institute is
a)a union for fashion designers
b)a department in the Danish Ministry of Culture
c)an independent organization that promotes Danish fashion

14.In 2002 what was the average of Chinese made garments in the wardrobe of every single person on the planet?

15.How much textile material does each person in North Europe throw out each year?
a)More than 5 kilos
b)More than 10 kilos
c)More than 15 kilos